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Joining Prototypr! 💙

May 07, 2019

Prototypr in London

This is the first post on my personal blog. I’ll pop in here periodically to begin documenting things that I learn in the world of front end development (primary JAM stack), practical product design, and tech more broadly.

Starting today, I’m officially joining Prototypr.

I’ll be working as a software engineer and also leading the direction of a few key products, which we’re really excited about. I’ll also be writing some more professional content on the Prototypr blog. I just flew to London on Monday – the first stop of a period of frequent traveling. To make things interesting, I’m planning on creating some video content around the work we’re doing, the people we meet, and some social commentary every now and then!

Today’s tech landscape

It’s never been easier to design and develop new software products nowadays, with many low level abstractions being removed through new modern development frameworks. It also seems like there’s also a new tool every day that promises to build an MVP product without code. But with these new advancements, it is extremely easy to be overwhelmed and confused. It’s the biggest pitfall in modern design and development. There’s so much tech to be consumed, and we need a platform to distill it. Prototypr does a fantastic job at sifting through the noise of building products by providing the most up to date news on design tools, prototyping tools, and front end development.

Prototypr and the tech landscape

Plans for the future

Graeme has spent the last 4 years building out Prototypr, and has insight that few people do in what makes for a useful tool. A platform and blog that has grown to this size requires automation, and Graeme has spent a considerable amount of time tinkering on side projects to help keep it all going. He also has interacted with a ton of awesome writers and makers in the Prototypr blog and community. He’s built an incredible platform, and I hope to create some new products that can really help the people that deserve it – those that are working overtime to improve themselves and others, and those who are trying to break into tech.

Meeting people with similar goals in life is very important. It makes it so much easier to get things done, and enjoy life at the same time.

We have some crazy ideas we want to get done in the next few months! Catch us up on the journey – Prototypr / Graeme / Sofia / Prilly on Twitter 😄.

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